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Surviving to Thriving:

I would really encourage anyone to try this approach, it can be short term and your therapist (Rayna was mine-she is great!) will really help to take the pressure off. The relaxation techniques often lead me to feel more confident, less anxious and more relaxed upon leaving the appointment, this also remained for the remainder of the day, week etc. I was very sceptical about therapy, whenever I have had therapy before it felt like I was telling someone my deepest fears and secrets without getting much back, almost re-traumatising myself and it felt easier to leave it and get on with other short term easier wins. However I didn’t need to be sceptical this time, I have been so relaxed, in fits of giggles, had some super silly conversations and have had someone to problem solve with exclusively focused on me, which is sometimes too much to put on my existing support networks. I also felt vindicated as Rayna helped me to see there were also a few environmental factors which were toxic and helped me to address some of these factors for the better. I now have the tools I need. I am sleeping much better, thriving at work and I am much more relaxed. That is such a difference to a few months ago! I would really encourage anyone to just have a go.

Rayna herself is really likeable, warm, personable, with good boundaries. Rayna is really good at remembering little details that make a difference and you always feel like you are in safe, capable hands.

C. Age 33—Completed in ten sessions.

Surviving to Thriving:
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