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Anxiety and Depression Overcome:

I felt like I was in a hole and was feeling low and that I had lost the resilience I had previously had. I felt shell shocked after the lockdown at the beginning of the year and trying to work with the children at home. I couldn't think straight and had low motivation which was further impacting on my confidence and ability to reach out to people. The low mood was allowing negative thoughts to take over and the residual negative voice in my mind to rise up. I was frequently tearful and anxious.

My first session felt like 'a warm bath for the mind!' It was so good to let things out in a safe space and also be taken away by the guided relaxation. The fog is beginning to clear and I am starting to feel like my old self again, which has been fantastic. I am able to reach out to and support colleagues again. I am now starting from a more positive baseline and so I am better able to put practical steps in place to deal with life and work on the areas I need to.

Rayna has a lovely calming aura. She made me feel comfortable and able to be open about my thoughts and feelings. She helped me to realise what I need to keep myself well and that I need to give myself permission to do that."

R. Age 42—Completed in three sessions.

Anxiety and Depression Overcome:
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