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Seeking support at the right time in a person’s life can make the difference between a breakdown or a breakthrough. On this page, some of our clients talk about the differences their sessions made to them.

Camping in the Wilderness

Sleeping better, feeling better:

I feel so much better. I feel clearer, calmer, sleeping better and far less overwhelmed. I am keeping things in perspective on the whole and finding work easier and much more manageable. 

K. Age 44—Completed in three sessions. 

Water Fountain

Anxiety and depression overcome: 

 "I felt like I was in a hole and was feeling low and that I had lost the resilience I had previously had.  I felt shell shocked after the lockdown at the beginning of the year and trying to work with the children at home.  I couldn't think straight and had low motivation which was further impacting on my confidence and ability to reach out to people. The low mood was allowing negative thoughts to take over and the residual negative voice in my mind to rise up.  I was frequently tearful and anxious.


My first session felt like 'a warm bath for the mind!'  It was so good to let things out in a safe space and also be taken away by the guided relaxation. The fog is beginning to clear and I am starting to feel like my old self again, which has been fantastic.  I am able to reach out to and support colleagues again. I am now starting from a more positive baseline and so I am better able to put practical steps in place to deal with life and work on the areas I need to.


Rayna has a lovely calming aura. She made me feel comfortable and able to be open about my thoughts and feelings. She helped me to realise what I need to keep myself well and that I need to give myself permission to do that."

R. Age 42—Completed in three sessions.


Adjustments for ADHD:

I liked being able to talk to someone without judgement. It was just great!

B. Age 25—Completed in five sessions. 

Mountain Peak

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder lifted: 

 "I was suffering from PTSD  after years of domestic violence and finding it hard to move on.  Rayna was extremely easy to talk to and very calming in her approach. The [rewind] technique was amazing and really helped me settle my thoughts. I highly recommend this technique—it was very calming and definitely works in reducing the trauma and stress that happens in everyday life after a horrible experience.  I have moved on from my past and feel positive about future relationships. Rayna is a fantastic listener and a very caring person." 

K. Age 44—Completed in three sessions. 

Woodland Path

Developing self efficacy:

I learned how to manage issues that I thought were just not manageable. I now have tools to overcome situations that would have just slowed my progress in life.

L. Age 28—Completed in three sessions.


Letting go of the past:

The rewind technique felt really good, then focusing on the present I really liked and got a lot from. The practical tools that were given to me were so useful too. The whole experience was very positive and helped me so much.

A. Age 40—Completed in four sessions.

Autumn Pond

Balancing working from home: 

"I found the human givens approach very helpful for reducing my levels of anxiety. Rayna really listened and the sessions were tailored to what I wanted to work on and my specific situation. The techniques discussed were simple and effective, focussing on just a few to work on in between each session. As a result, they felt manageable and I was able to put them into practice. This led to noticeable results which further motivated and encouraged me to continue using them. I was pleased and surprised about how much progress was possible in a short time. The sessions enabled me to reflect on my situation, evaluate different aspects of my life and helped me gain a greater sense of perspective. All of which have contributed to me feeling less anxious and happier overall. The guided relaxation in particular was a helpful tool to relax and reinforce the themes and techniques explored in our sessions."  

K. Age 29—Completed in three sessions.

Looking at the View

Learning to relax:

A very down to earth therapist who made it easy to talk. The techniques given to help me relax were really helpful.

D. Age 40—Completed in three sessions.

Scaling the Rocks

Surviving to Thriving: 

I would really encourage anyone to try this approach, it can be short term and your therapist (Rayna was mine-she is great!) will really help to take the pressure off. The relaxation techniques often lead me to feel more confident, less anxious and more relaxed upon leaving the appointment, this also remained for the remainder of the day, week etc. I was very sceptical about therapy, whenever I have had therapy before it felt like I was telling someone my deepest fears and secrets without getting much back, almost re-traumatising myself and it felt easier to leave it and get on with other short term easier wins. However I didn’t need to be sceptical this time, I have been so relaxed, in fits of giggles, had some super silly conversations and have had someone to problem solve with exclusively focused on me, which is sometimes too much to put on my existing support networks. I also felt vindicated as Rayna helped me to see there were also a few environmental factors which were toxic and helped me to address some of these factors for the better. I now have the tools I need. I am sleeping much better, thriving at work and I am much more relaxed. That is such a difference to a few months ago! I would really encourage anyone to just have a go. 


Rayna herself is really likeable, warm, personable, with good boundaries. Rayna is really good at remembering little details that make a difference and you always feel like you are in safe, capable hands. 

C. Age 33—Completed in ten sessions.

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