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Toby Mayer HG.Dip.T

With the human givens approach, it's possible for you to overcome emotional difficulties and get your life working again – quickly. We help individuals through psychotherapy to facilitate positive shifts in emotional and mental health and through counselling for successful  strategies for life's many changes. We are based in the neighbourhood of Walkley (S6).


Rayna Mayer HG.Dip.P

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Toby Mayer 

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I was suffering from PTSD  after years of domestic violence and finding it hard to move on.  Rayna was extremely easy to talk to and very calming in her approach. The [rewind] technique was amazing and really helped me settle my thoughts. I highly recommend this technique—it was very calming and definitely works in reducing the trauma and stress that happens in everyday life after a horrible experience.  I have moved on from my past and feel positive about future relationships. Rayna is a fantastic listener and a very caring person. 

—K. Age 44. Completed in three sessions


What are they and what do they have to do with psychotherapy?

We all know that we have physical needs – for food, water, warmth and shelter – which must be sufficiently met to enable us to survive and thrive. But people often don’t realise that certain emotional needs are just as crucial for both our mental and physical health. Decades of health and social research have revealed, for instance, that a sense of security, intimacy, social connection, status, autonomy and control, competence and achievement, and meaning and purpose are also vital, if we are to stay in good health and feel fulfilled in our lives. Our innate resources for helping us meet these needs include the ability to build rapport, empathise and connect with others; to learn, problem solve, remember and plan; to use our imaginations productively; and to step back and take an objective look at our circumstances.

When any of our important needs is seriously unmet over a significant period or any of our resources is not made best use of, mental and physical ill health may develop. For different people and at different times that may look like:


This is why, when human givens practitioners work with people in mental distress, they look for what is missing in those people’s lives and seek ways to redress that, as well as teaching them important life-coping skills. 

... and what about counselling? 

When encountering or contemplating life changes it is important to consider ways in which your emotional and physical needs will be healthfully met. Human givens practitioners can support people make the best choices about the following:

If you would like to experience the benefit of psychotherapy or counselling please get in touch today.


panic attacks





over eating

postnatal depression


sleep issues

under eating


life choices

career change

"good" divorce

healthy bereavement



family dynamics

burn out

healthy marriage

family planning

fitness and sport

happy retirement


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