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With the human givens approach, it's possible for you to overcome emotional difficulties and get your life working again – quickly. Situated in Broomhill at the elegant Practice Rooms, we can help individuals to overcome

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"I found the human givens approach very helpful for reducing my levels of anxiety. Rayna really listened and the sessions were tailored to what I wanted to work on and my specific situation. The techniques discussed were simple and effective, focussing on just a few to work on in between each session. As a result, they felt manageable and I was able to put them into practice. This led to noticeable results which further motivated and encouraged me to continue using them. I was pleased and surprised about how much progress was possible in a short time. The sessions enabled me to reflect on my situation, evaluate different aspects of my life and helped me gain a greater sense of perspective. All of which have contributed to me feeling less anxious and happier overall. The guided relaxation in particular was a helpful tool to relax and reinforce the themes and techniques explored in the sessions." —KL 

  • Stress

  • Sleep Problems

  • Depression

  • Post Natal Depression

  • Low Self Esteem

  • Anxiety

  • Panic Attacks

  • Trauma

  • PTSD

  • Phobia

  • Anxiety Related to Childbirth

  • Fear of Public Speaking

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Addiction


What are they and what do they have to do with therapy?

We all know that we have physical needs – for food, water, warmth and shelter – which must be sufficiently met to enable us to survive and thrive. But people often don’t realise that certain emotional needs are just as crucial for both our mental and physical health. Decades of health and social research have revealed, for instance, that a sense of security, intimacy, social connection, status, autonomy and control, competence and achievement, and meaning and purpose are also vital, if we are to stay in good health and feel fulfilled in our lives. Our innate resources for helping us meet these needs include the ability to build rapport, empathise and connect with others; to learn, problem solve, remember and plan; to use our imaginations productively; and to step back and take an objective look at our circumstances. When any of our important needs is seriously unmet over a significant period or any of our resources is not made best use of, mental and physical ill health may develop.

This is why, when human givens practitioners work with people in mental distress, they look for what is missing in those people’s lives and seek ways to redress that, as well as teaching them important life-coping skills.


Meet the Therapist

Rayna Mayer grew up in Los Angeles California. She is trained as a birth and postnatal doula and a childbirth educator. She discovered the human givens approach after searching for a way to help women affected by childbirth related trauma. In 2016 she moved to England to further study the human givens in London. 

Rayna is now settled in Sheffield and is a trainee psychotherapist and counsellor in the human givens approach and currently under the supervision of an experienced psychotherapist.

Meet the Therapist

Toby Mayer has a background in community work, theatre and organizational change. He is an explorer of human relationships, a writer, mentor, teacher and speaker. 


Toby's passion for the individual's struggle in the workplace has lead him to the human givens approach. He completed his training in December 2020 and is now practicing as a trainee psychotherapist and counsellor in the human givens approach and currently under the supervision of an experienced psychotherapist.


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